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EU Students in Wales

In 2014-15 Wales welcomed around 5,500 EU students to its universities, making up 22% of the total international student body. Welsh universities are proud of the international communities fostered on campus and are committed to ensuring that a warm welcome is extended to students from the EU and beyond.

Welsh Government Cabinet Secretary for Education, Kirsty Williams

“I want to send a message loud and clear that students and staff from across the European Union are welcome at Welsh Universities. There are thousands of people who have a special place for Wales in their hearts after studying here. Our universities are central to our social and economic future and they thrive through the diversity of the people who come to them.”

Information following the result of the EU Referendum in the UK

  • The EU referendum outcome will not lead to any immediate change to the immigration status of current EU students or those about to start a course in the coming academic year (2016–17).
  • There will be no immediate change to the tuition fees paid by current EU students attending Welsh universities.
  • EU students attending universities in Wales who are eligible to receive loans and grants will continue to do so for the duration of courses they are currently enrolled on, or are about to start this coming year. This has been confirmed by Student Finance Wales.
  • The process for the UK to leave the EU will not commence until the UK triggers Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, formally signalling its intent to leave the EU. The negotiation process is then expected to take two years. We are working to ensure that EU students who enrol at a Welsh university before the UK formally leaves the EU will pay the same fees for the duration of their course, regardless of the date of the UK’s exit from the EU.
  • The UK will also remain a full and active member of the EU’s mobility and research programmes during this process.

More information is available on Universities UK’s useful Brexit FAQ page

Sonia Urbaniak, Łódź, Poland on Studying in Wales

“Studying Business and Management in Aberystwyth was one of my best ideas. Not only has the university provided me with a good degree, but also friends for life and great memories. On top of that, I managed to get an internship after my graduation and decided to undertake further study through a Master’s degree in Management and Marketing. I am sure it will be time well spent with support from my lecturers.”

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